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Hey kids, get your game on in the Kids Zone!

Choose a puzzle type and start playing.
Challenge yourself to move through different levels in each category.
Create an account and login to earn rewards each time you play.
When you have earned enough rewards, redeem them for special surprise activities.

Kids Zone Puzzles and Games

Crossword Style Puzzles

How well do you know the characters in your favorite story book? Challenge yourself to find out by answering the clues. Play now.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Drag and drop the pieces and watch the picture emerge. Play now.

Memory Match Games

Click on the squares to reveal the pictures below. See how fast you can match up the pairs. Play now.

Word Search Puzzles

Click on the first and last letters of words you see in each word find puzzle. Refresh the page to try a new version of the puzzle. Play now.

Note to Parents

All the games and puzzles here in the Kid Zone are designed to build memory recall, reinforce vocabulary, or enhance visualization and observation skills. Different levels are  available for children of all ages – and parents, too.

When you are ready for them to take a break from screen time, have them choose an activity sheet to print out.

So let the kids go wild and play!

Note: Content is copyrighted and based on pictures and story elements from Mischievous Misty and other Stories from the Wool Family Farm books by Evelyn Wool.