Gram knew that raising dairy goats would be a lot of work.
She had no idea how precocious they could be…
especially Misty.

–Evelyn Wool, aka Gram

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Sticks to Gram’s side like glue.
Loves getting brushed.
Always first in line for treats.
Has penchant for mischief.

Evelyn Wool

(Also Known As Gram)

Mischievous Misty is a real dairy goat on the author’s real farm:

Visit The Wool Family Farm

The Wools’ farm is home to chickens, cows, donkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, horses, pigs, sheep, and lots of goats!

New to farming, Evelyn Wool and her family turned their world upside-down to try their hand at living off the land, discovering the joys and pitfalls of living and working with farm animals along the way.

The adventures have just begun!


Infinitely patient.
Keenly observant.
Not a pushover.