All About Misty

Misty thrives on chaos…and or perhaps she really is just curious.

Misty was one of the first goats that Evelyn brought to the farm. From the minute she arrived, Misty stuck to Evelyn’s side like glue.

Misty loves to sit and let Evelyn brush her all over. She also loved to push all the other goats out of the way to get a treat.

To this day, Misty is the most helpful, er um noisy, goat on the farm.

Mischievous Misty

Misty was a young Nubian dairy goat who lived in The Meadow on Gram’s farm. Misty’s coat was chestnut brown with black trim. She had white patches around her nose and on the top of her head, and a white belt around her middle. He long, floppy, white ears are covered in tiny brown spots like drizzle on a rainy spring morning.

Misty loved to be near Gram, and she always followed her around closely…sometimes a little too closely.”

The star of the true and “absolutely delightful” story, Mischievous Misty, Misty gets herself into all sorts of tangles and predicaments.