Misty Was Stuck

I was feeding the rabbits today when, all of a sudden, the goats starting talking all at once.  At first I didn’t think much about it, but they kept on calling “Maa, maa, maa!” And it wasn’t just Hazel, either. Hazel’s the one who always greets me with a big “Maa, maa” hello every time I walk outside to feed the girls, or pretty much anytime she sees me.

Anyway, as I said, it wasn’t just Hazel. As I looked around I realized that Georgia, Carabel, and Leah were all talking, too.

“Wait a minute,” I thought, “where is Misty?” I stood there, looking around, puzzled for a minute. Then I noticed that all the girls were facing the same way. I following their gazes, but I still didn’t see Misty. Meanwhile, the yapping kept up and seemed to be getting louder.

I decided it was time to go find out what on earth they were yelling about. I rushed over the The Meadow gate and went in. Much to my relief, I could see Misty standing by the hay feeder. “Oh good,” I thought, “There see is, everything is fine.” But as I got closer, I could see she wasn’t just standing next to the hay feeder, she had her head inside the basket.

So I looked down through the top of the basket, and there she was, twisting her head this way and that.

“Oh, Misty, are you stuck?” I said. Misty answered with a loud ‘Maaaa!’ “Okay, let’s get you out of here.”

I tried to push her head out, but it wouldn’t fit. Then I tried to pull her body out, but her head still wouldn’t come out. “Well, now, Misty. You got your head in here, so you must be able to get it out.” I stood back for a minute and looked at Misty, who had finally decided to quiet down. 

Well, I realized that she was standing next to the basket and I thought, “Maybe her head can’t get out because her neck is bent and catching her in the basket like a hook.” So, I took her body and pushed it over so that she was facing the basket head on. Then I pushed on her head again and, much to my relief, her head popped right out!