What the Readers are Saying

Harper C. (age 7)

Harper C. (age 7) Maryland, USA

"I really loved the book, because I learned it's okay when you make mistakes and make messes, like Misty did!"

Caiden I. (age 10)

Caiden I. (age 10) Liverpool, UK

"I love how Misty is always under Gram's feet ... it remind[s] me of my little sister the way she follows me around every day!"

Flynn C. (age 9)

Flynn C. (age 9) Maryland, USA

"It's a great book! It's interesting to learn how some goats like Misty are mischievous and people like Gram can love her anyway!"

Lucas K. (age 5)

Lucas K. (age 5) New York, USA

"Misty IS so mischievous. I got so worried when her head got stuck in the hay basket. I'm glad she's okay."

Vander G. (age 10)

Vander G. (age 10) North Carolina, USA

"... Misty is alway getting into trouble. She is a very curious goat."

Jonah K. (age 8)

Jonah K. (age 8) New York, USA

"I can't wait to read about what kind of trouble Misty gets into next time."