Evelyn Wool thrives on creativity. She loves to learn new things and dives right in to new projects. And sometimes, she insists on doing things the hard way.

For example, one minute Evelyn was making goat milk soap to help her dry skin, and the next thing you know she was raising dairy goats. 

Sure, Evelyn learned everything she could about feed, house, and milk a goat. But she forgot to factor one thing: how do goats behave?

It wasn’t long before she figured that out though. One day, Evelyn decided to paint the outside of the goat shelter by standing on the sloped feed box. Misty wandered over and before she knew what happened, Evelyn found herself sitting on the ground wondering how she hadn’t broken her leg on the way down.

That was when Misty became Mischievous Misty and Evelyn became Gram. Not one single thing in that story is made up.