Well, I did it! I think I’ve got something the girls won’t be able to get stuck in. Here’s how I built the new hay feeder:

  1. First, I took apart the old hay feeder and moved it out of The Meadow. 
  2. I got an old pallet and out it on the ground where the stump from the old feeder used to be.
  3. Next, I got four metal T-posts and pounded them into the ground just outside each of the corners of the pallet. 
  4. Then I took a wire cattle panel – that’s a 16′ piece of fencing made of extra sturdy, heavy wires – and bent it around the posts.
  5. Finally, I secured the cattle panel to the posts using metal fence clips.

After I dumped some hay into the feeder, I hung around to watch for a bit. The girls loved it! Not only can they stick their heads in and out of the wire without getting stuck, but they also have a lot more hay now.