I’ve been thinking about when Misty got her head stuck in the hay basket last week. I’ve been watching out every day, and so far it  hasn’t happened again. But, I’m kinda worried that sooner or later, Misty will get stuck again. And, if not her, maybe one of the other girls will get stuck. Hazel had her face pretty far into the hay just this afternoon. 

So, I wonder, what could I do to make sure none of my girls gets stuck again?


So, you remember how I was worrying over another goat getting stuck in the hay basket? Well, sure enough, Hazel did get stuck yesterday, or so I thought. By the time I got to her, she had managed to get out. 

No more putting off fixing the hay feeder! I think I’ve got an idea how to make it better. First thing tomorrow, I’m going to build a whole new one.