Mischievous Misty Picture Book

“Gram knew that raising dairy goats would be a lot of work.
She had no idea just how precocious they could be … especially Misty.” 

––Evelyn Wool (aka Gram) 

When Gram carries a water bucket through The Meadow, Misty rushes to see what’s inside and spills water all over Gram. When Gram tries to pour feed into the trough, Misty sticks her head in the pail and spills grain all over the ground.

Find out what happens next in this true and absolutely delightful and story of the mischievous little dairy goat on Gram’s farm.

For Kids of All Ages

Parents and children alike will enjoy reading – and re-reading – this heart-warming story.

Attention Homeschoolers

Whether you read to your child or your child reads to you, Mischievous Misty’s story will immerse your child seamlessly into the world of dairy goats. With your guidance or independently, your child will expand his/her vocabulary and enhance his/her problem-solving skills.

What the readers are saying

“I really loved the book, because I learned it’s okay when you make mistakes and make messes, like Misty did!”

––Harper C., age 7 (Baltimore, MD)

“I love how Misty is always under Gram’s feet … it remind[s] me of my little sister the way she follows me around every day!”

––Caiden I., age 10 (Liverpool, UK)

“I can’t wait to read about what kind of trouble Misty gets into next time.”

––Jonah K., age 8 (New York, NY)
“No, no, no, Misty,” Gram said. “Don’t jump!”

The Kid Zone: Where Fun Meets Education

What better way to further enhance your child’s learning than through playing games? The Kid Zone has tons of fun word games and puzzles that draw on the activities and behaviors of Misty, Gram, and all the animals on Gram’s farm.

Stories from The Wool Family Farm

Mischievous Misty is a real dairy goat on the author’s real farm—The Wool Family Farm—home to chickens, cows, donkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, pigs, sheep, and of course, goats. New to farming, Evelyn Wool and her family turned their world upside-down to try their hand at living off the land, discovering the joys and pitfalls of working with farm animals along the way. The adventures have just begun!

About the Author

As a child, Evelyn Wool and her family spent numerous vacations summer visiting a real working farm. Memories of those days planted the seed that would later lead her to dream of owning her own farm.

Today, Evelyn and her husband raise goats, cows, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys…even a llama. Meat products are sold directly on the farm, as well as Evelyn’s small-batch premium goat milk soap and, of course, her story and activity books.

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